citaten uit de film

28 Days (2000)

  • Oliver: "I like your coat."
    Gwen: "Thank you."
    Oliver: "Is that leather?"
    Gwen: "Yes."
    Oliver: "Not vinyl?"
    Gwen: "Nope."
    Oliver: "Do you believe in killing animals?"
    Gwen: "Yes."
    Oliver: "For cloathing?"
    Gwen: "Absolutely."
    Oliver: "So do I."
  • Roshanda: "I´m giving you an F for inspection. I´m fining you a dollar, so pay up."
    Gwen: "Tell you what. Here´s 5 dollars. I don´t plan on cleaning all week."
  • Gwen Cummings: "I'm not a lesbian!"
  • Gerhardt: "Oh my god. Look at my package!"
  • Daniel is dismissed from rehab Oliver: "Statistically only three out of ten will. Its good for us if he goes back to using. You know, odds wise."


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Edgar Verburg.