citaten uit de film

Ladykillers, The (2004)

  • Marva Munson: "Left my wallet in el Secundo."
  • G.H. Dorr: "You´re addressing a man who is quiet... and yet not quiet, if I may offer you a riddle."
  • Gawain MacSam: "Let me in motherfucker."
    Fat guy: "What´s the password?"
    Gawain MacSam: "Kiss my ass!" the door opens
  • Lump Hudson after the fact: "There´s no I in team."
  • Marva Munson: "No hippety-hop language in here!"
  • Gawain MacSam looking at a butt in orange stretchy pants: "Pull that butt out and make it clap." He claps his hands.
  • Marva Munson not knowing of Greek ancient history: "Who was Helena? Some kind of whore?"
  • Garth Pancake: "Well, okay. Just a trial balloon."


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Edgar Verburg.